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State Archives of Kyiv Oblast

Address: 38,40 Melnykova Str.
Kyiv, 04119
Tel./Fax: +380(44)206-74-99
Fax: +380(44) 483-23-60

Director: Kamenieva Sofia

Deputy Director: Luzhynska Ol'ga

Deputy Director: Boyko Galіna

Historical Background

State archive of Kyiv oblast was founded on 29th of May in 1922 and as the Kyiv Central Historical Archives.

In 1932, since Kyiv oblast was formed, Kyiv Central Historical Archives was transformed to Kyiv Oblast Historical Archives (the funds of Kyiv Central Historical Archives and Kyiv District Archive Administration were joined).

The Kyiv Oblast Historical Archives was submitted to archive administration of executive committee of Kyiv oblast. In 1939 Kyiv Oblast Historical Archives was submitted by Archive department of NKVD of UkrSSR (People Commissariat of Internal Affairs of Ukrainian SSR).

During of Second World War on July, 1941 300 most important funds (43405 files) were evacuated. But the rest leaving one in Kyiv were included in the Kyiv District Historical Archives (period of nazi occupation of Kyiv). The most part of these documents were taken out to the Germany.

Kyiv Oblast Historical Archives has renewed its activity on 8th of November in 1943.

On March, 1944 the part of funds of the archives (documents of the establishments, which activities were outside of the Kyivregion) were given to the Central State Historical Archives of the UkrSSR (it was founded on January of 1944).

In 1958 the archives was got the name of Kyiv Oblast State Archives. In 1960 it was submitted to archive administration of Council of Ministers of the UkrSSR. Since 1980 the archives was named State Archive of Kyiv Oblast.

According to the regulations about the state archive of Kyiv oblast, which was approved by the direction of the Head of Kyiv oblast government administration № 508 on 19th of September of 2000, archive is the Structures Subdivision of Kyiv oblast government administration and Submit to the Head of oblast government administration and Government archive committee of Ukraine.

Total Volume of Funds

Description of Archives Holdings

Archives documents take the period of 1682 to 2010 reflect the political, economical and cultural life of Kyiv-city and Kyiv district.

Archives funds have Senate’s Ukases, instructions of Ministers and departments about administrative-territorial change, social structure of population, putting into effect the reforms in the XIX century.The most ancient document is the hetman’s Ivan Samoylovich order, issuing him in Baturin on 21 of May in 1682 to the colonel Pavlovskiy about taking the oath of his regiment to the tsar Piotr Alekseevich (saved in the file about nobility Pavlovskie).

Funds of office ofKyivs governor, guberniya’s administration guberniya’s statistical committee, guberniya’s land administration, Kyiv’s control chamber, guberniya’s building and highways commissions consists of such documents, which say about the development of industry openingfactories and fabrics, for example, South-russian machine building (1862), Gretera and Krivaneka (1880), iron foundry and mien nical «Motor» (1904), Demiyvskiy bricksworks (1908), about the forming the Association of the shipping on the Dnepr river (1838), building planof the navigation landingstage in the Kyiv (1842), building of the monumentof Bohdan Chmelniskiy in Kyiv (80 th yy.XIX)

Funds of Kyiv’s guberniya’s statistical committee and Management of people’s schools of Kyiv’s guberniya have the documents about activities of educational institutions, for example, Ukase (copy) of Alexander I about Kyiv’s gymnasium and schools in the uezdsof the Kyiv’s guberniya (new educational system from of 1812).

Funds of Procurator of Kyiv’s guberniya Kуiv’s district court, prison inspection etc. have many documents about peasants struggle against serfdom, preparation and conduction of the reform in 1861, Stolipin’s agrarian reform (1907-1910) files about Stolipin’s murder, about demonstration in the memory’s days of T. Shevchenko and L. Tolstoy (1913-1914) etc.

Funds «Maps and drawings collection» (1782-1919) has maps and plans of the communications, uezds, some towns, villages of Kyivska, Podilska, Poltavska gubernias.

Among the personal funds there are documents of M. Berlinskiy, V.Demchenko, P.Zgandr, landowners Kamenski, P.Poceluev, V.Synaiyskiy and collection of personal cards of officials.

Near 20 funds reflected different steps of the struggle for the Ukrainian independent state (1917-1920)

The funds of the soviet period save the documents of local administrations of the Soviet regime. There are files about the nationalization of factories (1921-1922) building industrial works (1927), collectivization and collective farms in the Kyiv oblast (1930), foundation of different museums and institutions (1925-1930) etc.

About 400 funds tell about the period of nazi occupation in the Kyiv and Kyiv oblastin the Second World war. There are «Kyiv’s generalcommissariat», «Kyiv’s shtadtcommissariat», «Museum-archives», of the Transitional period of Kyiv-city administrations.

Some funds are characterized period after the war time. There one can find economical description of regions of the Kyiv oblast after its liberation from nazis, information about restoration and development of industry, transport, agriculture, establishments of culture, education and health services.

Archive has personal funds, which were dated after 1917. There are documents of D. Beling, S.Veselovskiy, Grinchenko, G. Gubarev, V. Dreling, L.Krizanivskiy, A. Krymskiy, M. Kuznetsov, Y.Lopushinskaya, A. Nicovskiy.

Funds of Kyiv’s city’s, oblast’s and region’s committees of Communist Party of Ukraine (CPU) and Lenin’s Communist Youth League of Ukraine (LCYLU) are saved in the archive.

Many funds of industrial works, local administrations, judicial and notarial establishments, files of repatriates from Germany collection are used for the archive’s information work.

Among of the photodocuments, which are saved in the archive, there are photos of ukrainian writer O.Korniychuk, people’s painter G. Veres, commander ofpartisan formation S. Kovpak, member of the crew of cruiser «Varyag» M.Volodimarenko, participants of Ten-Day festival of Russian Literature and Art(Y. Dolmatovskiy, K. Simonov, M.Lukonin, S.Vasiliev, M.Aliger)etc.

Access: Many of formerly restricted files have been declassified in recent years, but some record groups and documents still have limited access. Some fonds are unavailable because of need for restoration.

General Guides: See PKG Archives: Ukraine (1988), pp. 279-84

Arkhivni ustanovyUkrainy (2000) pp. 82-84.

Archives Ukrainy (2007) pp.80-83

Gosudarstvennyi archive Kievskoi oblasti. Compiled by Iu. F.Borshch, V.S.Levin, H.I.Milova, F.M.Radomyslska, and Iu.P.Khonineva. Kyiv:Izd-vo politicheskoi literatury Ukrainy, 1965.441 p.(Lib:DLC;MH)(IDC-R-14,364)

Recent Specialized Finding Aids:

Muzei-arkhiv perekhodovoi doby: Pofoondovyi putivnyk. Compiled by O.Bielaia. Kyiv, 2002.102 p. «Arkhivni zibrannia Ukrainy. Spetsialny dovidnyky» (Derzhkomarkhiv;DAKO)

Electronic version:

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